Erin came to me with the offer of a creative problem session. I was going through a difficult year personally and professionally so I gladly accepted. Meeting with Erin and other creative peers provided an opportunity for me to gain perspective on topics I was far too close to. Under Erin’s guidance we came up with a lot of great ideas on how I could move forward. Some I had thought of but hadn’t had the courage to act on, and some that were new and exciting to me. It was presented in a way that was both structured and organized but at the same time highly personal and pertinent to my life and situation. That session planted the seeds of change that have sent me back in the right direction.
— Holly Quin
Finding myself lost and at a crossroads within both of my businesses, Erin really was able to dissect what the main issue was through her incredible methods of problem solving. Once we got to the core of the problem, we were able to put together a game plan that wasn’t intimidating or unattainable for me to follow every month. I couldn’t be more grateful for her help, I really believe I will now be able to grow my business with a much clearer vision after the creative problem solving sessions with her!
— Gretchen Meyers Wochensky